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16 December 2010 @ 11:22 pm
CG + DtB: Mistaken Identity  
Title: Mistaken Identity
Fandom: Code Geass + Darker than Black
Characters: C.C., Hei, Amber, Lelouch
Prompt: Bond
Word Count: 347

He will mistake you for me.

People who have received a geass can be considered Contractors. C.C. is aware of that. He is definitely a Contractor, a person with supernatural powers and must pay a price. He seems to lack emotions as well. And he has her tied up with wire connected to his knife.

He is more forceful than someone she knows. He doesn’t take no for an answer.

“Amber,” He calls her, “What is your objective?”

She scoffs.

His name is Hei.

He is taken back. He reacts the way she said he would. “Amber!”

Hei shocks her. She holds back a scream, but recovers quickly after the shock. Her powers enable her to do so. She turns to see his nearly emotionless expression, but his eyes betray his surprise.

“I’m C.C.”


I will be mistaken for you.


Amber knows who this boy is – the future Emperor of Britannia, why he is here in Tokyo and who the woman he calls for. He calls for her “twin”, the Geass-granting witch. He calls for the Witch of Britannia.

His name is Lelouch.

He is skinnier than Hei and not as strong, but he has the same mental capabilities. He can think on his feet.

“I am not who you think I am.” She smiles.

He is taken back. He reacts the way she predicted he would. He attempts to use his power – Absolute Obedience – on her. She spins and breaks eye contact.

It has no effect – just like on her, but it’s not her.


They meet again. They look alike except one wears a smile and the other indifference. The smiling one ages backwards. The indifferent one does not age at all.

They are from different worlds, but look the same.

Amber is a contractor. C.C. is a granter of power, cursed with immortality.

They are bonded through their similar appearance, but that is all they share.

“They are coming.” The younger one turns around, facing the distant Mt. Fuji.

The ageless one chuckles. “I know.”

In the distance, they hear their black knights call out their names.