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17 December 2010 @ 07:13 pm
Final Fantasy X + X-2 - Dream of You  
Title: Dream of You
Fandom: Final Fantasy X + X-2
Characters: Lenne, Tidus, mentions of Shuyin
Challenge: paliphrase
Prompt: Bond
Word Count: 158

He looks just like you.

Lenne held her breath. Hesitating was something she hasn’t done since she was a child, but she found herself doing just that. She reached for his pyreflies. He turned to look at her. A surprised look crossed his face.

Yu- He was about to speak a name, but he closed his lips.

Shuyin, she mouthed.

Raising an eyebrow, he shook his head. He had read her lips and then, announced his name. “Tidus.”

“Lenne. I’m Lenne.” She held out her hand, which he shook. His handshake was quick, but firm – just like his. A sad smile crossed her lips when she saw a glimpse of Bahamut behind him. Without a warning, she drew closer, wrapped her arms around him and wept.

How the Fayths mock her with an imitation, a dream of him. Oh, where could he be? She wept for her beloved Shuyin and for the lady whom Tidus tho