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16 December 2010 @ 11:38 pm
SIGN - draft #1  
My name is of little importance, but I’ll tell you anyway. The name I go by now is not my real name. I used to be a simple Emily until this Crimson World. I had a loving family. I was the oldest of three siblings and was halfway an undergraduate education at a University of California when everything went down.

My younger siblings, a set of fraternal twins, were still Juniors in High School. The twin sister was coming out of her United States History Advanced Placement exam when she was attacked. Her entire class was slaughtered, followed by the rest of her high school. Her twin brother was part of the Student Council, which had been preparing for their class ring ceremony. They were outnumbered and defenseless, murdered on their normally peaceful school grounds.

My parents didn’t get a horrible death like my siblings. Mom and Dad died in their sleep, poisoned by a renowned serial killer, who proclaims that he was bringing these people to God. Who is that serial killer fooling?

God is in His Heaven.

All is not right in this world.

I never told you what to call me now.


It means hope.

You’ll see why I chose it.


All they asked was for a sacrifice. These intruders from space asked for a sacrifice. They terrorized the planet. They were nothing like we expected. These aliens did not meet our expectations. However, we did meet theirs. Obviously, they’ve heard of Sigmund Freud and his work. Humans are obsessed with fulfilling our unconscious desires. We must eat, avoid pain at all costs and have pleasure by sex. The humans of this world are indeed selfish.

Thus, we have condemned ourselves.

The year was 2011 when the intruders came.

It is now 2012 when they demanded it – the sacrifice.

What is the sacrifice?

A single human life for the salvation of the entire world.

Thus began the War of the Crimson World. Friends turned into enemies. Enemies of enemies became friends, but later, double-crossed them with a bullet to their backs. Families were divided. Feuds were on the rise. Even lovers killed each other even if the silliest disagreement arose.

Why do we fight?

I’ll tell you why.

No one wants to be the sacrifice.



I remembered running away. I trusted him beyond all things. I hoped against hope that he wouldn’t betray me. He did not, but his friends did. I had been wondering why our group seemed to be decreasing in size. I should have figured this out sooner. I was a Psych major before all this chaos happened.

Like that really has anything to do with anything.

“This is ridiculous.”

I knew I wasn’t that good of a runner, but I ran anyway.

Idiot me.

“Ridiculous.” I repeated my statement.

It was ridiculous to think about everything. People died everyday at a steady rate, but since the invaders came, more people have been dying. All for what?

To keep themselves from being the sacrifice.

Bring death to those who would present you as the One.

It was an ironic mantra to live by.

I was tired of it all. Kill or be killed.

Those that kill should be prepared to be killed. I kept telling myself. That’s what I lived by. I reminded myself that every time I took someone’s life in defense of myself or any member of my group.

It seemed they didn’t deem me useful anymore.

Cocking the firearm in my hands, I spun around and fired several rounds. I heard a grunt and someone collapse to the ground. With that, I knew it was safe for me to stop. There was some distance between the wounded chaser and myself.

I pointed the gun at my pursuer, ready to shoot his brains out. I took in a deep breath and asked him a question, “How were you going to explain this to Xander?”

“I wasn’t.” He said with a smirk.

So that was it.

They were planning to kill my other half too.

That was when I fired the shot.

That was when I knew the Crimson World had to end.


That shot was the second to last one I ever fired.

I remember running, finding my love in a similar situation as myself. His pursuer had his back to me. I fired the shot, my last bullet, to protect Xander.

It’s a blur. I do not remember my other half’s face.

I remember tears streaking down my face as I ran past the dying traitor, into the arms of my other half. Xander was so warm compared to the place I was leading myself to.

“I love you, so you have to let me go.”

I released him from my embrace.

“No! I love you. Stay.”

He clung to me even more.

“If I don’t go, no one will.”

Leaving him, letting him go was the hardest thing I’ve even done.

It was harder than firing the first bullet of my first kill.


I do not know if he’s found another person to cling to for warmth or if he’s dead. I lost contact with anyone when I made my choice. I found myself in Washington D.C., far from the California home I knew, and walking into the dragon’s den. The remnant of the capital was a valley. I was walking through the valley of the shadow of death, but I did not fear evil.

I had made a choice.

Though I was afraid, I knew I could not back away.

Again, things are a blur.

“Who are you, earthling?”

“Call me Elpida.”

“Derived from Greek. Hope, isn’t it?”

“Yes.” I am at the mercy of the invaders, who look like us.

I have become the One.


I am granted final words.

Those words are to be broadcasted throughout the whole planet.

I agree to speak. I wanted the world to know who was giving their life, their future to save them all. I agreed even though I hated public

People of Earth, my brothers and sisters. My name is Elpida. Do not fear anymore. You will not be chosen to be the One, the sacrifice these higher beings demand. I am barely a young adult, barely out of adolescence. I am no family left. They have been victims to the senseless violence. I had love, but I gave that up to save this world. If I don’t do this, who will? So, I give up my life for you. After all, what is one casualty compared to the death of the rest of the world?

Then, the ritual killing began, broadcasted live in real-time for everyone to see. The world was watching the death of the One. I was sited in a pseudo-throne; it mocked the real monarchies of the world, which are long gone. A glass capsule arose, encasing me entirely.

The Way is shut.

I am at the point of no return, no backward glances and regrets. I am trapped.

I was afraid, but then, I see it a bright light above me.

And I see them: my brother, my sister, my mother and my father. They were waiting for me. They are calling me home with their hands outstretched, waiting for my hand to touch theirs.

Water begins to fill the capsule, filling my shoes and soaking the white gown they had given me. White. I look down to my lap. White is the color of the pure lamb that gave His life for the world. Yes, I was like that lamb – the Sacrificial Lamb my friends prayed to.
The water is up to my throat now, weighing me down.

It is rising quickly.

My head is submerged.

I lift my eyes to the top of the capsule. I reach out,

No one takes my hand.

They are phantoms.

The water crushes against my chest, forcing the air out of my lungs.

I can’t….breathe.


It was all a test.

They had revealed it after she drew her last breath. The invaders were testing the nature of earthlings. We have failed in their test.
She didn’t have to die.
bobfirezbobfirez on December 21st, 2010 05:58 am (UTC)
Wow, that was a powerful statement. I liked it alot and it moved very quickly and smoothly.
This is part of a larger work I presume? :D I shall be looking to the rest.

P.S. when are we hanging out? Wednesday perhaps?
ヒッキーリナ: Music: DBSK = Sexy Crackreizna on December 27th, 2010 10:28 pm (UTC)
Yay! Glad you liked it. I think it will put part of a set of short stories. :D

Gah, AND I'm sorry for not answering for like a week. Hm, what about thursday or friday? Karaoke?